Legs – pop cake mold (6 legs)

Molecular cooking seeks to manipulate the physical and chemical transformations of ingredients through scientific techniques that occur in cooking. Frankly, we do not have much scientific know-how about molecular cooking yet we take the short cut and do the same effect. Our legs pop cake mold can make fried chicken legs in a taste of cake.

Made of BPA free , Phthalate free, Dish washer safe and food safe silicone and PP.

Stock Qty
Item No. K1332
Material: Silicone Rubber / Polypeopylene
Weight: 0.125 kgs
Dimensions: 11.2 x 18.5 x 5 cm
Safety: Food Safe / Microware Safe / Dishwasher Safe / Not A Toy / Adults Only /
Max 120 degrees Celsius / Min -10 degrees Celsius /
Wash thoroughly before first use
Keep the packaging and follow the instruction on product packaging
Designer: Jason pang
Age Grade: For adults, children can use under the adults supervision
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